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    Great Relationship advice from Celebrity Couples you can’t do without

    Getting into a relationship is quick and easy. But maintaining is can be quite tricky. Take a look at this celebrity couples who manage to keep their relationship strong, despite the huge pressure from the press, their career and all of the seduction that comes their way.

    We have listed the advice by couple

    Beyonce on husband Jay-Z

    Beyonce’s take is about establishing a solid friendship before getting into a relationship. She reveals that she and husband were steadies since they were 20, and how they did not rush into things but focused on building a strong friendship between them. Now married, she also shared that it still takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. The important thing is that you and your spouse agree that this is what you both want.

    She also talked about the benefits of being married to your best friend. She said that you can grow exponentially because “you can no longer hide from your fears and insecurities.” There is someone who calls you out on your limitations and mistakes, and encourages you and offers support. Being with the right person brings out the best in you.

    Channing Tatum on wife Jenna Dewan

    In an interview, Channing Tatum highlights the importance of having open communication lines. He said that you should not be afraid to say anything and tell your partner everything. That also involves hearing and listening to what your partner has to say, whether or not you want to hear it.

    He shared that he and his wife Jenna Dewan have a system to check-in. Sometimes they ask each other how much they love one another. He candidly said that it is not always a 10. There are times when they have an issue with one another and they use that opportunity to bring it out in the open.

    Neil Patrick Harris on husband David Burtka

    Neil Patrick Harris shared on keeping the love alive. He said that being a parent is one of the best things that happened to him and husband David Burtka. He saw how David grew as a person and show another side of him that he so appreciates. Neil said that always looking for ways to turn you on about your partner is key. Fun fact: Neil Patrick Harris revealed that his kis with Burt Reynolds confirmed he was gay.

    He also said that falling out of love is so common and normal. But if you find new things to love about your partner, it will make you fall in love with him or her all over again. He said, “keep [the love] alive.”

    Do you agree with their advice, or have got some relationship advice of your own? Let us know!

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