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    Online Dating Ideas During a Pandemic

    The world has dramatically changed for the last time in all possible aspects. And even though we have noticed some improvements, the epidemiological situation still leaves much to be desired. Thus, you will have to postpone your usual lifestyle and reschedule your “dating plans.” Nonetheless, it is not a reason to wall off yourself from the world and give up communication with interesting people. You never know when and where you can meet your soulmate. Besides, people went online even before the beginning of the lockdown.

    Some people say that students go out on dates more often, even though they are often overwhelmed with assignments. How can they afford that? Many young people turn to specialized services to balance studying with personal life. If you don’t have an eye on any, read EduBirdie reviews to meet this challenge. Anyway, it’s high time to get the best out of the current situation and come up with several cool online dating ideas. Put on your favorite outfit and go to get your “piece of cake.”

    Online video games

    Today many people are fond of video gaming, so why not integrate this hobby into a date if you are on the same page? The modern market offers many options, so it will not be a big deal to find something appealing to both of you. Don’t be afraid to offer some bold options and try some new genres. It is much better to use all the digital era opportunities and combine dating and gaming than stay lonely at home and deprive yourself of fun, waiting when the epidemic will be over. If you offer such a pastime to your new date, make sure your partner is as exciting about the idea as you are.

    Cooking something together

    Even if you live on the opposite sides of the country, it’s not a reason to skip the idea of cooking something tasty together and arrange a romantic dinner. Agree on the menu in advance to have all the required ingredients and cook the chosen dishes simultaneously. You can turn on Zoom or Skype, creating an atmosphere of closeness. Don’t choose too complicated dishes if both of you are not into cooking. For example, it can be ordinary pasta with a delicious sauce. It shouldn’t be anything time-consuming, so it’s better to opt for tasty but simple recipes. Besides, if you buy the same bottle of wine, you will create an even more intimate atmosphere.

    Watching movies

    A movie date has long been considered iconic, so why not arrange it even during the pandemic? You can create the most comfortable conditions for co-watching with a special browser extension like Netflix Party. It will synchronize video playback and provide you with a group chat function, so you will have just to grab some popcorn and drinks. Don’t choose movies or TV series you have already watched. Pick up something new based on the genre both of you are interested in. If you like such a pastime, you can make it your small tradition. Friday movie marathon sounds like a good idea. Just make sure to take care of your college workload beforehand. If you need a reliable writing service, check to find the best option possible.

    Quiz date

    All people are different, and while some prefer active pastime, others opt for more intellectual options. If you are tired of casual talks and want to go deep down into some questions, you can offer your partner to arrange a quiz date. Such an idea will have a fleur of rivalry, so make sure not to overdo it. The uneasy epidemiological situation has encouraged people to create a huge number of various online events, so you will find something appealing for both of you. For example, you can pass the Emotional Intelligence test or the Big Five personality test and discuss the given results. You can either make your connection stronger or find some obvious differences that make you incompatible. However, anyway, you will spend time fruitfully and learn something new about yourself. As they say, “You will kill two birds with one stone.”

    Making a perfect playlist

    Musical preferences are a very intimate thing, especially when creating a playlist for another person. You reveal a part of your soul and send a message without saying anything directly. If you have already been together for some time, you can agree to share your favorite compositions that evoke strong emotions in you. Besides, you can arrange a music-listening date. Think about a list of questions beforehand and ask your partner on a date what song associates with a certain life period or moment, for example.


    If both of you are bookworms, and you can choose a book and read it out loud in turn while communicating via Skype. You can discuss some fragments and share your opinions about the style and mood of the chosen option. It will be especially great to read poetry and share your favorite fragments. If you believe that such a variant is a bit boring, you can combine it with other ideas. For example, you can make it a part of the surprise date. Send your partner a box with items for a reading date, including tasty tea, blanket, cookies, and, of course, a book. You should also have all the items to pretend that you are sitting together in the same room.

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