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    These Are the Newest Trends In the Bedroom

    Artificial intelligence in sex toys is set to take the industry by storm. These products utilize sensors and artificial algorithms that are capable of learning from customer data, elevating their experience with personalized suggestions explicitly tailored for them. As time passes, these intelligent gadgets will only get smarter, raising sales numbers as they continue to appeal to customers who enjoy a more personal touch when it comes to sexual encounters.

    In recent years technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we have intercourse via new advances such as robotics and virtual reality. This provides an excitingly immersive sensory experience, but no physical contact between participants or people involved can be achieved without using some device like the VR headset itself; this creates limitations on what you’re able to do while participating in cyber-ex.

    VR Sex Toys

    Virtual reality offers an entirely new and immersive way to explore a sexual fantasy. It has never been more realistic or safe than it is today, with virtual reality technology for the masses only getting better in its development every day.

    VR sex toys are making the sexual experience more immersive than ever. VR pornographers are experimenting with 3D video to create an even richer and more interactive medium, allowing users to completely control their fantasies via a headset or motion-tracking controllers.

    In recent years we’ve seen what virtual reality can do for gaming- now it’s time for the world of adult entertainment! From adults-only content stores providing pornographic films on rental discs in Japan, up until today, where many countries offer streaming services over subscription sites, virtual sex has been progressing rapidly as both a new means of escape from everyday life. It also allows you to explore exciting eroticism that some might not be able to explore otherwise due to gender identity issues or physical limitations.

    Male Masturbator

    One of the few industries thriving in a year where we were told to turn our dating lives online was men’s sex toys. While couples’ toys and prostate massagers kept those with relationships entertained, it was male masturbators that could best replicate what many missed out on the feeling of being intimately touched by another person.

    These days, it seems like there are more ways to masturbate than ever before. From the old-fashioned hand job to using a discreet-looking egg for added privacy and enhanced pleasure, men enjoy all sorts of options when they want that special feeling alone or with their partner. But finding the right one isn’t always easy – is your best bet an innovative device? An inanimate object? Or something futuristic looking but vibrating at lightning speeds!?

    The sex toy company, KIIROO has set a new standard in pleasure with its newest product, the Keon male masturbator. Embodying both innovation and design into one small compact casing, it is an automatic masturbator that will allow you to have unlimited sexual fantasies without constraints! All it takes on your end is for you to let it’s latest invention unleash all of these pent-up emotions while providing maximum satisfaction at every stroke.


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