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    The 5 furniture trends for 2022

    Now that the new year is approaching, it can be a good time to re-decorate your home! Time for a new style, new accessories and maybe even some new furniture. It can be difficult to determine what kind of new furniture you want to buy, so we are here to help! We’ve made a list of five furniture trends that will be everywhere in 2022. This way you’ll get some inspiration for your home renovation, so let’s get started!


    One major trend in interior for the coming year is the focus on sustainability. The sustainable materials for furniture designed to last long and bring no damage to the environment are becoming more popular. Sustainable furniture has a natural look to it and adds some nature to your interior. Think of bamboo dining sets and other furniture, wooden cabinets, lots of plants and neutral colours. Many different furniture stores are focussing more on sustainability nowadays, either the more high end stores as the cheaper ones. Thrift- and vintage stores are also great, sustainable options for furniture shopping, so definitely check those out.


    With many people living in small apartments, it is important to maximize the space you have. Especially during lockdown due to Corona, many people started to work from home, meaning that their homes had to function as offices too. This emphasized the need for functional use of space, no matter how big or small the space might be. For example, the multi-functional pieces of furniture became a must-have this year. you can opt for dining tables that can also be used as working spaces or stylish coffee tables to store your books or put on your laptop during a work call.


    Houses with small, separate rooms for everything, are becoming less and less popular. Separated kitchens, dining- and living rooms are no longer the standard. Combining the space you have into a multifunctional room for more functional use of space. Think of a big kitchen in the same room as the dining table and the couch with TV, which ensures that you can maximize the space. It will make the space seem bigger, which everybody wants of course!


    Mixing various styles and concepts is very on trend for 2022. A mix of new and vintage furniture for example, can make your home feel very cosy and trendy. Mix your grandparents’ old cupboards with some trendy design furniture for example, and use accessories to really complete the look! Don’t be afraid to use some colour and try something new. Not everything has to match perfectly: mixing things up can make it look a lot more exiting!


    For the final trend we wanted to mention marble. Marble tables, kitchen counters, cupboards: everything! Marble has always been popular, and this year is not an exception. This material, or at least its design, brings luxury to any space. If previously it was used more in the kitchen, now, marble is applied to pieces of furniture of different types. You can combine it with wood and other materials, so get creative!

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