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    Tons of Ways to Save on Make-up Products

    Taking good care of ourselves can cost some money but need not break the bank. While there are very expensive makeup products, there are also some steals if you look hard enough.

    Use daily household items differently

    You probably already own products that can be used for different things. Your baby powder can replace dry shampoo. You can use your hair conditioner as shaving creme. Petroleum jelly can be a makeup remover, lip gloss, and foot moisturizer.

    Don’t think generic brands are necessarily not good enough

    Don’t let the lack of a luxury brand name fool you. Most luxury brands and drugstore brands are made of the same ingredients. The most common differences are the name and the price.

    Show loyalty to specific brands

    Brands reward loyal customers with freebies and discounts after several purchases. Some examples include L’Oreal giving a free hair color product after your fifth purchase. Or Sephora’s loyalty program where you earn a point for every $1 you spend. You get a free sample when you reach 100 points.

    Make it last!

    It is totally de-stressing to get a mani and pedi but it usually chips after a few days. To make it last longer, paint the tips with topcoat. This will keep it longer and will give you a more polished look.

    Look for the deals on the ground

    Most best-selling products are displayed at eye-level because this meets the customer’s normal line of vision. More inexpensive or more unknown products are placed at lower shelves so make sure you check them out too. You might find better deals if you look down.

    The number one tip: Buy in bulk

    Buying in bulk easily saves you money than buying your favorite products at retail. Try checking out deals at wholesale retailers. If the prices and products are way too high and plenty for you, ask friends if they are willing to split it with you. Anyways, think of it as buying and hoarding for the future.

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