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    Flirty games to play with your lover

    In any relationship, it is vital to keep the romance and the spark alive no matter the stage. It may not be quite as important as you first start out but as you become more comfortable with each other, you have to think of ways to keep the excitement of being together alive. Here are some fun games to play with your partner to keep you both feeling fluttered.

    Would you rather…

    This game will help you get to know each other know by learning about each other’s preferences. If you are just starting out, it is best to keep things light and casual. Try to avoid questions that will make you both feel awkward. Try something like, “Would you rather watch a horror film with me or have a fun date at the theme park?” Keep it PG as much as possible. The longer you have been together, the crazier, funnier, or raunchier your questions can be.

    How well do you know me?

    This is another game that will aid in getting to know each other. The more serious the question is, the deeper you will know about your partner. Just make sure that you play this game with the intention of knowing each other better, more than testing each one. If your objective is the latter, instead of having fun, you might get into an argument and fight about it in the end.

    Guess what I am writing

    This is a great way to be touchy and flirty with your partner in private or in public. If you are going to play in public, make sure to keep the touching to GP. You play this game by using your index finger as a pen and writing a word on the palm or forearm of your partner. After writing, your partner has to guess what you just wrote. You can start with a word, move on to phrases to full on sentences. You can make it naughtier by writing on his or her leg, nape, or any body part you wish.

    Complete the sentence

    This game will encourage creativity and openness between you two. This will help clue you in on what and how the other person thinks. Start a sentence with a phrase and let your partner finish it. Depending on the rules you will set, either of you can control the direction of the game.

    It will be fun, naughty, and competitive all at the same time. For example, you could start with “If I were king, …” I would make you my queen.” Aww, sweet!

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