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    Why Student Love Is Not for Life

    In your teens and your twenties, love feels so different than later in life. It is strong, overwhelming, confusing. We are so young and inexperienced in love that this feeling always catches us off guard. Most often, we tend to give in to this feeling right away. However, love in college may not be the love of your life. It may be hard to believe at the moment. Though, once you get older, you learn about yourself, your dreams, and your hopes. You learn more about what you want and need in life. It’s not unusual when the people you love in college are not the ones who stay with you after graduation. Here is why student love is not for life and why it’s okay.

    You need to take care of yourself first

    Your college years are basically the first time in your life where you are on your own. It is the first time where you don’t have parents around you to take care of you. In fact, now it’s your job to take care of yourself. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. However, you also can’t expect others to take this job for you.

    College is perfect timing to learn how to pay close attention to your needs and meet them. However, way too often, students tend to look at their partners and fulfill their needs and desires instead of looking inwards. This is a mistake that won’t lead you anywhere but problems in the relationships. You need to learn how to take care of yourself to be a good partner to others later in life.

    You are still figuring yourself out

    You need to know yourself before you can tell what you like or don’t like. College is the time in your life when you need to figure those things out. It is the time for mental changes. You grow, gain experience. You become stronger, wiser, and more careful with how you use your time, energy, and even feeling. You learn that it’s okay to change your mind on certain things. You learn that your opinions may change, and goals can transform into something else.

    This time is precious to learn more about yourself. However, this work requires good self-awareness. It is not similar to how you have your homework done. You can’t just research these things in the library. You can even pay for essay writing which can explain your personality back to you. Figuring yourself out is a long process of errors and trials. Relationships may distract you. You may start spending more time and thoughts on the other person than you do on yourself. It is a dangerous situation to be in when you are so young.

    You are still learning about love

    Loving someone is a beautiful feeling. However, it also comes with a big responsibility. You may be simply too ready to carry such a responsibility at the moment. During your college years, you are still young and naive on most issues. Love comes to you as just a feeling, a natural state of being, if you’d like. It doesn’t look anything like work though it should. Love or relationships are not something that we are born to be good at naturally. It requires a lot of hard work. It’s not like you can simply find a quick essay writer and ask them to explain to you how love works. It is a life-long process. It would be much better if you are not rushing your lessons but going slow and smart.

    You have a whole life ahead of you

    You will have a life after college. That life will also bring you a lot of new love stories. You just need to be patient. You should know that even if your relationships are over, it doesn’t mean they were a failure. Sometimes people enter our lives in the times we need them, and they leave it when it’s time to move on. Here is the most important lesson you can learn about relationships when you are young. Not all of your relationships will last forever. And that’s okay. Of course, when you are young, and it is your first love or a first serious relationship, it feels like it will last forever. However, most likely, they won’t. You have to be ready for that.

    The bottom line

    In college or not, relationships are often complicated and confusing. However, the older you get, the more you learn about them. Surely, college love, in particular, feels like it is going to last forever. It’s so strong, intense, and new. Many college students, though, finish their studies and move on with their lives. They go to conquer new horizons and earn more experiences about life. It’s always nice to have someone to witness your achievements and share those moments with you. However, that’s also okay to be on your own in anticipation of the love of your life.

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