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    What Prolonged Eye Contact Means Romantically

    Eye contact is one of the most common modes of communication in every relationship. The eyes can send messages like no words can. But why is prolonged eye contact romantic in the first place? The eyes do not lie. As the cliche goes, “The eyes are the windows to one’s soul.” The eyes cannot fake emotions or feelings.

    Let’s take a look at eye contact from different people.


    It is normal to hold eye contact with a stranger for a second or two. But when a stranger keeps on looking at you, wanting to establish eye contact, you have to analyze why. Usually, men stare when they are interested. Establishing eye contact is their way to get that romantic connection going and send the message that there is some sexual attraction there.

    When he approaches, take note of the way he looks at you while talking. He may be sending a message that he is after a one-night stand, or he is totally crushing on you, or he just miscalculated and quickly lost interest. Just be ready when he makes the next move.

    From a new love

    Locking gazes with your crush is both exciting and awkward. You want it too much but can’t stand doing it. If you catch him staring and he looks away, but shyly stares again, he might probably feel the same way.

    Your own boyfriend

    When love blooms, the way you look at each other changes in a good way. The way you look at each other transmits the depth of your emotions. There is passion, warmth, tenderness, and love. As you grow to be more comfortable with each other, the more often you find yourselves staring in each other’s eyes.

    Your Husband

    For some, being together for a long time strengthens the relationship while it fizzles out over time for others. Though romance may fizzle because of familiarity or problems, it can always be revived. This is where eye contact is most essential.


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