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    Wife Sharing, Really? Psychological reasons to share your wife with another man

    While sleeping with someone else other than your spouse is frowned upon by society, some believe that people will still do it because of their preferences or unhappiness. With wife sharing, couples are not burdened by guilt and condemnation when doing it because their partners agree to it. This may not be for everyone. So it is best to have a very open discussion about it before proceeding. Here are some of the noted merits of wife sharing.

    It creates an open mind

    When both spouses are open-minded, the relationship grows and the partners grow as well. You do not get irritated by small, trivial things, thus, no petty arguments will ever happen. And being open to learning about each other’s situations, quirks, and preferences will strengthen the relationship.

    You will be communicating better than ever

    Most marriages and relationships fall apart because of lack of communication. But with wife-sharing, the situation helps in opening those communication lines again. Talking does not become a chore. Even trivial things can be freely discussed. When communication improves, the relationship improves as well.

    No more worries about your wife not being sexually pleased

    For some married couples, constant sex can be a chore and a burden. Especially for men who come home tired to an expectant wife. Through wife sharing, the burden on the husband to always perform sexually be eased by another man and the wife gets satisfied.

    Cheating no longer is a thing

    Some spouses feel bored with their sex life that they resort to cheating to meet their sexual needs. With wife-sharing, spouses are aware of their partner’s extra-marital sexual activities. You eliminate the jealousy and the suspicion from the relationship.

    Smaller chances of getting a sexual disease

    Because open and honest communication has been established and reinforced, it would make it easier to talk about safe sex. Whatever you agree on and decide, it will ease the mind of the other, knowing that you keep each other safe and protected.

    Just remember that, before entering this arrangement, it has to be a mutual, consensual decision.

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