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    Great little bedtime stories for your girlfriend and your relationship

    Telling bedtime stories instead of having the usual conversations can break the monotony in any relationship. Here are some tips to make your stories fun and interesting.

    Start your story with her as the main character but slightly different from real life. When you add other female characters, make sure they don’t outshine her or make her feel insecure or jealous. Then add some twists and make it fun and flirty. Keep it short so she’ll come begging for more.

    You can add your twists to the following stories.

    The Notebook

    A love story through and through. Your girlfriend cannot stop but feel all mushy and romantic towards you as you tell this story about unconditional love.

    The Traveler’s Wife

    A man goes back in time to learn more about his wife before they meet.

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    The movie version must have made your heart race. The book version will entice you more. Read the book to her and this will bring your lovemaking to another level.

    Snow White

    A beautiful princess was forced to flee for her life because of a jealous stepmother.

    Deep Desires

    This is a story of two neighbors who want each other and just focus on their existence.

    Hansel and Gretel

    Brother and sister Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest and got lured by a witch with her gingerbread house.

    Dead Running

    This will surely send your girlfriend’s pulse running as this is about a woman chased by 2 men. Twists in the plot unveil as you continue reading.

    The Little Mermaid

    Who has not fallen in love with the story of a mermaid who traded her fins for legs to be with the man she loves?

    Beauty and the Beast

    Cop the original version of a father promising to give his most beautiful daughter to a beast to save his life. But her sisters grew jealous of her and wanted to destroy her happiness.

    In any relationship, you must always find ways to keep the romance going. This is absolutely sweet and perfect! Don’t be afraid to come up with stories yourself – it might be scary but it is a great way to create intimacy.

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