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    How to tell if there is chemistry between two people – these are the signs!

    As the cliche goes, love is a mystery yet it makes the world go round. Everyone has a deep need to love and be loved. Some people mistake love for chemistry and vice-versa. This will try to explain what are the signs that you have chemistry and if you made for each other.

    They can’t resist searching for eye contact

    They say that chemistry usually starts with the eyes and making eye contact. Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from looking at someone. Your eyes are naturally drawn to that person.

    They are playful and can’t stop teasing each other.

    Teasing may seem childish but it takes on a different role in relationships. Teasing attracts the other’s attention and induces a response to gauge the other person’s attraction. Playful teasing show each one’s attraction to the other.

    Just look for body language – it says it all

    Your words may say one thing but your body can never lie. When women are interested in you, they touch their hair, lick their lips, or move closer to the person, whatever catches your attention. With men, it is a lot simpler. You can tell he is attracted by his level of anxiety as his object of affection draws nearer. His palms are a dead giveaway. The more anxious they feel, the sweatier their palms get.

    Chemistry so strong, you don’t want to go away

    It doesn’t matter who is around. You only see that person, and you can’t seem to stay away. This is a surefire way of telling chemistry is definitely strong.

    Compared to relationships with others, you two are especially close

    The stronger the chemistry, the more eye contact and physical closeness are not enough. You want to touch each other, and the touch lingers, it is usually in a sexual context.

    You can’t deny there is tension in the air

    Related to not being able to stay away and teasing each other, sometimes you may push the boundaries a wee bit too much. But you still need to be careful of what you say. Keep it flirty and friendly.

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