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    The influence of money in a relationship

    They say that money makes the world go ‘round but it cannot buy you love. While these cliches have some truth to them, it cannot be denied that money can influence relationships. While it is possible that taking out Orlando title loans may relieve financial stress, whoever holds the money may have some leverage in the relationship.


    When a couple starts dating, it is not necessary to exchange or share information about each other’s income. However, this changes when they decide to live together or get married. This is brought about by sharing expenses at home. Discussion on how rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food expenses will be covered or paid should take place. More so if the couple has a child. And in so doing, couples have to share information, albeit partly, about income. When one of them – or both of them – do not feel comfortable opening up about this, then the issue of trust should be looked into. Many arguments arise because of this, thus becoming the chink in the armor of their relationship. Dr. Becky Spelman, an expert on relationships and a psychologist advises to rethink the relationship if trust is an issue.


    Control and Authority

    Because of the patriarchal society we live in, it is expected that men should be the major providers in a relationship. And being providers and the breadwinners, this somehow commands control and authority in the household. Unfortunately, this may cause stress in a relationship when the provider exercises this control and authority in an abusive manner. The other partner may not entertain being less than an equal. This is aggravated when money issues are not discussed openly and left to feeling it out. Couple should have clear conversations about this so avoid misunderstandings and manage feelings of animosity.



    Some couples have different takes on who spends in a relationship. In a survey conducted by the Shepherds Friendly Society, they found out that, when couples are just starting to date, 68% of the men expect that they will pay for dates, while only 41% of the women share the same opinion. When asked about if date bills should be split, 56% of the women agree while only 28% of the guys are in favor of it. However, the dynamics change once the relationship becomes deeper or when the couples decide to take the relationship to the next level. When there are joint bank accounts, one may resent the other for expenses not discussed together. In the same manner, when only partner keeps on contributing to the savings, and the other keeps on spending, this will cause tension and lead to arguments. This should be addressed by setting expectations of each other, including spending limits and consulting each other before spending.


    There are many other ways how money influences relationships. When money is good, the strain on relationships is quite minimal. However, when financial hardships happen, financial stress strains the relationship. It is quite important to have good communication between couples and openly discuss issues before they go out of hand.

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