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    The sexiest games to play with your new lover

    Having a new relationship gives that wonderful fluttering feeling. Every chance and opportunity to be together is taken, as well as getting to know each other better.

    These sexified games will definitely spice things up between couples.

    Role-playing games

    For couples who love to act and perform, role-playing games would let you have fun with each other. The couple can set the scenario (eg. doctor-nurse) and put on costumes to look the part. Couples can even pick scenes from a show or movie. The fun thing about this is it does not have to be a one-time thing. It can be a running playful banter and foreplay for both.

    Sexy Scrabble

    For logophiles, Sexy Scrabble is the game to play. They just need a regular Scrabble board. To make it sexy, rules can be tweaked a bit. Couples can set certain actions the other must do if one of them hits a certain score per word. For example, a demure kiss is worth 20 points, a hot kiss requires 30 points, removing a piece of clothing needs 40 or 50 points. You get the idea. The more rules you set, the more exciting it will be. Playing high roller baccarat can reveal many things about your lover too.

    Romantic Scavenger Hunt

    For the adventurous couple, playing scavenger hunt to find a hidden treasure would surely get the adrenaline pumping. But couples can add a romantic twist to it. The couple can set their own stage. It may be within the confines of the bedroom, the whole house, the yard, or even the town. As with any scavenger hunt, clues have to be left for the other to track to find the next clue. What makes it all worthwhile is finding the hidden treasure at the end of it all. It may be a gift item one partner wants, a special I’ll-do-anything-you-ask coupon, a romantic dinner, or a diamond ring! Couples are only limited by their imagination.


    Deal or No Deal

    For couples who like to play games and take risks, Deal or No Deal is perfect. Couples can ask each what prize they want to get – or it can be a surprise. Write the “prize” on a piece of paper and mix it up with other duds. Raise the stakes by offering anything (cash, back rubs, exchange of chores, gifts) in exchange for the envelope. Couples would have fun negotiating back and forth.

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