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    Choosing an online casino is a big task. It seems like as each day passes, countless more options arise. Given the state of land-based casinos being in lockdowns for most of 2020, and only now reopening in some countries, choosing an online casino is something many of us have had to do.

    From the offset, the ‘Best Online Casino’ is a little bit subjective, but we can divide our criteria into categories to help make the process of deciding easier.

    Game Choice

    First and foremost, you’re here to play casino games. This is the most enjoyable part of picking a casino, but also the most difficult. Before signing up to a casino, browse through their catalog of games. Ideally, you should be seeing a wide variety of themed slot games, mega ways, table/traditional games, and a live casino.

    Of course, we all have different preferences, so this will be down to each individual. This is why we can’t say what the single best casino is, and instead, we have to each find the right one for our own needs.

    Another tip is to browse through the ‘popular games’ and ‘new games’ tabs to see what they’re made of. This is where you may find the specific games you’re looking for, or simply the best it has to offer.

    It’s also worth looking at what game providers the casino is using. Keep an eye out for the big brands like NetEnt and ELK Studios.


    This is the most boring part of the process, but perhaps the most important. Casinos often need a country-specific license to operate there, and you want to ensure your casino isn’t a grey market casino.

    If the casino you choose has no credible (relevant) license, then you’re less protected if anything goes wrong, you could be partaking in illegal gambling, and the casino is likely not to be trusted.

    This isn’t where you judge which casino has the best licensing. Rather, it’s the process of elimination. Rule out the casinos that aren’t trustworthy here.

    Navigation and Responsiveness

    This is one of the most overlooked categories when choosing a casino. If you think about it, you’re not just looking to use the casino, you’re looking to interact with its menus, its pages, and its games, all from different devices.

    To have an enjoyable experience, you should be able to find things you’re looking for very quickly. This means having well-thought-out menus and sections to the site. There should be no bugs, and the platform should have a smooth playing experience on all of the devices you’re using.

    Thankfully, most online casinos cater towards both PC and mobile. However, check out that it is VR compatible if that’s an interest of yours.

    Customer Service

    It’s possible that you run into trouble at some point. Perhaps you’re struggling to withdraw your money or understand a promotional offer. Customer service is very important when it comes to keeping your money safe and ensuring you can quickly deal with any problems.

    Some casinos have nonexistent customer service, whilst others are very helpful. It’s difficult to tell right away, so perhaps shoot them a message prior to signing up and see how fast they respond.

    Generally, it’s good to have more than one point of contact. See if they have a live chat, but also an email address in case the live chat isn’t responding. Or an even better backup is a phone number, but this is rare.

    Payment Options

    It’s important that the casino accepts the payment of your preference. This may be Visa card, PayPal, or even cryptocurrency. You will find that some casinos have very limited choices, and some charge deposit/withdrawal fees whilst others do not.

    Also, make sure the limit for depositing and withdrawing isn’t too high, otherwise, this could lead to spending more than you wanted.


    To double-check everything above and get a second opinion, check out some reviews. There’s no real way of knowing what the customer service is like until it’s too late, so see what other customers say about their experience. The same goes for withdrawing money and bugs whilst playing games.

    The aggregated opinion of the internet is a powerful tool and it can help back up your decision. Just be careful, many casino review sites are affiliate sites, so they’re only looking to gain sales. Try and find a place where the reviews aren’t biased, or at least take the bias into consideration when reading them.

    Final Word

    The good thing about hunting for the perfect casino is that many offer signup promotions. This means there’s a benefit to trying out different ones, and in the process, you can figure out which one you enjoyed the most. Beyond finding the right casino, it may be worth checking out how to increase your chances of profit, and learn some different strategies.

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