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    How to increase your chances to make a profit in an online casino?

    If you want to win in an online casino, you’ll need to have the right strategy. Casino games are designed to give the house an edge. You’ll need to turn this advantage in your favor as much as you can to make a profit in the long run. Is this possible? Yes, but it’s not easy. In this article we’ll teach you several possible tactics.

    Play games with a high payout percentage (RTP)

    To make a profit in the long run you’ll need to make each bet with a positive expectation value. This is known as the RTP (return to player or payout percentage) of above 100%.

    Off course online casinos are not crazy and will not provide games with a return to player percentage of 100% or higher. If they would, they would be bankrupt in no time.

    To increase your chances of winning it’s very important to choose the right games. The best games to play are games with a high RTP. But how can you find games with a high RTP? There are hundreds of online casinos and 1000 of games to choose from. There are several sites that review casinos and their games. Websites such as Jackpot City casino NZ make reviews to help you maximize your chances for profit. The game with the highest base RTP is Blackjack, with an average RTP of 99.56% if you play strategically perfect. Make sure you have a deep knowledge of Blackjack, so you can play optimally.

    Using bonuses to increase your payout percentage (RTP)

    One way to increase your RTP and possibly bring it above 100% are bonuses. Almost every online casino uses bonuses. A casino does this to lure and keep players happy. They hope to attract new players and the player gets a nice bonus. Make sure to make good use of them, select a bonus that suits your playing style. Be aware though, often not all games can be used to unlock the bonus and some games will count for a lower percentage, so you’ll have to play along.

    Welcome bonuses are often the best way to increase your RTP. These bonuses are higher and generally have better requirements than other bonuses. Another bonus that works well for increasing your RTP is the cashback bonus. How it is implemented can change from casino to casino. Most casinos will only trigger this bonus if you lost x amount of money. However, for the profit strategy it’s still beneficial. If you get a positive payout percentage (100%+), you still won’t win every time. Just like you won’t lose every time when your payout percentage is below 100%.


    In short, to increase your chances of winning you’ll need to do research and have the discipline to stick with it. Only play games with a high RTP. Increase your RTP wherever possible by taking advantage of bonuses offered. Does this mean you always win? No, as everybody knows luck plays a big role in a casino. If you play with an RTP of 98% then you’ll have a negative profit expectation, but you’ll win often enough. If you play with an RTP of 101% you’ll win an average of 1 euro per 100 euros you wage. To reach this kind of RTP you’ll have to place high volume bets and thus play a lot. Even with a profitable strategy you’ll experience many swings and sometimes win (big) and sometimes lose (big). The most important thing however, is that you’ll win in the long run.


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