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    How to make writing your thesis a lot easier

    Writing your bachelor- or master thesis can be a stressful process. Doing theoretical research, holding interviews, transcribing, answering research questions: it’s a lot of work! Therefore it makes sense that you would want to know everything that could potentially make the process a bit easier. These things will save you stress and time: two aspects of thesis writing that are very important! You want to avoid stress and have more time. Here we will list a few of these things for you, so keep reading if this interests you!

    Use tools for transcribing

    One of the most time-consuming parts of the thesis-writing process is the transcribing of interviews. Interviews can be long, and transcribing accurately can therefore take a long time. Luckily there are solutions available to convert mp3 to text. Most audio fragments in MP3 format can be converted to text quite easily by using an online converter. This will save you lots of time and leave you time for other parts of your thesis that would otherwise be overlooked. These services will probably cost you a little bit of money, but it will pay off in the end.

    Let someone check for spelling

    Your thesis will probably end up being hundreds of pages long, which is a lot of words. When you’ve read your own words over and over again, it’s easy to overlook certain spelling- or grammar mistakes. Therefore we definitely recommend to let someone read your thesis, to check for these mistakes. New eyes can spot new mistakes, and can also help you change certain sentences or words.

    Get feedback early

    One of the most commonly made mistakes is not getting enough feedback throughout the writing process. You will always have a supervisor assigned to you, who can help you with your research questions, your research methods, your data-analysis and your conclusions. Making sure you work with a strict schedule, and let every step get checked by your supervisor. This way you won’t procrastinate, make mistakes that are too late to fix, and get lost in the process.

    Writing your thesis can of course be very stressful, but hopefully our tips have warned you enough to not make these mistakes. Good luck!

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